Wohner Company

Provide engineering knowledge with more than ten years of experience

Wohner Power System Company is a specialist in project management and active in engineering and design, supply, installation and execution, testing and commissioning, repairs and maintenance. In addition, our activity is in the area of electricity and precision instruments, automation systems, repairs, maintenance and operation and provision of services and technologies for inspection of pipelines in oil, gas and petrochemical projects, steel and mining industries and power plants.
This company has always tried to create a specialized scientific environment for its experts to provide services of desirable quality to the oil, gas and petrochemical industries, steel and mining industries, power plants, etc.

Provide engineering knowledge with more than ten years of experience


Provide advanced technology solutions and partnerships in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries


Provide the best services in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries to our customers, find innovative solutions to their challenges and gain their trust to overcome obstacles.


Provide exceptional services through safe and eco-friendly operations, innovation and advanced technologies

Our Core Values


Wohner Power System invests in research and development to provide first-class solutions to the customers.
The success rate of our first run is very high, and we are proud of our accurate and timely reporting.
We are proud to have an impressive track record in repairing, inspecting and improving our performance.


We believe local knowledge and communication are essential to our wide range of clients, so we invest heavily in our project management teams and engineers.
The Wohner Power System team focuses on safety culture first and foremost, and compliance with HSE is part of our requirements.
We empower our talented team, who make us proud by delivering excellent results to our customers.


We are focused on achieving the highest level of industry standards.
We have a dedicated team of people who respond to our customers 24 hours a day.
We will always provide a suitable solution for any challenge in the projects.

Wohner Power System services: knowledge, proprietary solutions & implementation by specialists

Wohner Power System Company uses the technical knowledge, experienced engineering team, and appropriate investment to purchase the required machinery and equipment. In addition, we relied on the high capabilities of its personnel. As a result, we succeeded in creating a unique industrial group that Has carried out specialized projects in oil, gas and petrochemicals. And have gained a lot of experience in this industry during the successful implementation of projects in various sectors and by obtaining good work from respected employers.
Therefore, an experienced workforce can provide design services, parts supply, and execution of critical projects to various industries using the newest and most up-to-date machinery, equipment, hardware and software facilities.

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